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Erotic Female Vampire Stories

"I love a good bloody vampire sex story, don't you?" asks noted erotic author Shay Slinger "Don't you? Sex and horror go together SO well!"

We agree! And you will too when you check out her latest collection of short stories:

erotic female vampire stories by shay slinger
Erotic Female
Vampire Stories!

Available now in all formats at Amazon and Kindle lending library!



Posted: Monday 10th December 2012, 7:09 PM

Spanked By The Vampire

Young Alyssa didn't believe in vampires - until she felt his belt across her burning bare bottom and his fangs in her throat!

A sizzling new spanking story from author Von Leopold!

Spanked By The Vampire

Check it out now!

Mistress Darkenia

And for BDSM Femdom fans - Dominant Women Submissive Men by Mistress Femme

Posted: Tuesday 2nd October 2012, 12:50 PM

A Personalized Vampire Blood Fetish Experience

If you're looking for A Personalized Vampire Blood Fetish Experience beware! OUR Night Mistresses demand COMPLETE and TOTAL allegiance to their wishes and dark PERVERTED desires!

Males must obey and give their precious BLOOD for the nurishment and PLEASURE of their Vampyric Mistresses - or else!

Through the centuries to come, so will YOU!


Posted: Friday 23rd March 2012, 2:39 PM

Lesbian Dominatrixes

Would you let your wife, daughter or girlfriend fall under the spell of beautiful but CRUEL Lesbian Dominatrixes, Hmmm?

There could be WORSE things in the world than to serve a sapphic Mistress and her deliciously erotic needs and desires, right?

Some are Vampires, some are Gothic and some just enjoy a hot pussy and wimpering servant girl to punish and humiliate when the mood takes them.

Sounds lovely!

Countess Morgana
(I love a young girl as my slave)

Teen Girls Catfighting And Wrestling

Posted: Monday 19th December 2011, 7:13 PM

Vampire Sluts

"My males all give blood with their semen, in fact I demand they bleed for me before I let them cum!"

Sound like something YOU want to experience?

Want to visit with some Vampire Sluts of your own?

Be warned!

Lady NightWing

Posted: Wednesday 6th July 2011, 1:49 PM

Meet the Demonatrix

Time to Meet the Demonatrix where goth and femdom meet and punish the unworthy!

Notice I didn't say "punish the wicked", right? Because we ALL know thew wicked are in charge - and rightfully so!

Madame Arjas

Posted: Monday 27th June 2011, 5:40 PM

Emo Girls Live And Naked

Looking to ogle some naked little emo girls or get off with one LIVE?

Let us get you going...

Live Emo Girls Looking To Get Nasty With YOU!
emo girl and goth phone sex Call 1-877-705-4684
...And Very Pretty Naked Young Emo Girls HERE!

I'd call that a win-win situation, eh?

Countess Marlia

Posted: Monday 27th September 2010, 1:10 PM

Time For Gothrotica

It's Time For Gothrotica - are you ready?

Gothic sluts and emo chicks doing things that would shock even the most hardened Mistress or creature of the night...lol..LOVE IT!


Posted: Monday 9th August 2010, 1:35 PM

Redhead Emo Slut Loves Black Cock

She met him at a rave and soon found herself back at his pad slamming her tonsils on his large black penis! LUCKY GIRL!

Skinny Redhead Slut gets Nasty with Black Guy
Marcia always had a thing for black men, but had never really gotten the chance to hang with any....until she met Tyrone at a Rave downtown one night....things got hot and heavy and soon this hot little emo babe found herself tackling the biggest cock she'd EVER seen - white OR black!

Click Here to see more Interracial movies

Posted: Monday 19th July 2010, 2:09 PM

Goth Tgirl Mistress

This gothic shemale slut LOVES to dominate white boys and make them her submissive sex toys...

transex domination, free transsexual galleries, sex, transexuals, transsexuals

About some goth shemale domination action for you guys! Ebony tgirl Natalia Coxx rules over her white subs with an iron fist and COCK! When she discovered one of her white male pigs staring at her huge tranny cock and licking his lips, she could tell that he was horny but she decided to make him beg for it. After forcing him to lick her feet and suck her erect tranny cock, Natalia rammed that dick into her white slave boy's asshole over and over again! For the entire uncensored scene, you have to head up to Transex Domination!



Maria Darkk

Posted: Sunday 11th July 2010, 7:08 PM

Club Kid Gets A Strap From His Date

Goth boy here took a babe to a rave and they do didi some X...and later that night back at her place....

I've Always Wanted To Mount A Cute Emo Boy!

She buckled on her strap on cock and proceeded to bugger his bunghole to the strains of some gothic ambient club beats! LOL! The hot slut even made him suck the shit off the rubber dick when she was done! Bitch or beauty? YOU decided!

View Gallery :: Brought to you by Ladies Fuck Gents @ FerroNetwork
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Lady Ena
(Love those club kids, they're SO easy)

Posted: Monday 5th July 2010, 12:52 PM

Vampire Bat Bitch

Check out what happens when a Vampire Bat Bitch decides to get kinky with a variety of victims and slaves....LOL!


Posted: Sunday 20th June 2010, 2:52 PM
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erotic female vampire stories by shay slinger
Erotic Female
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